“Music seeks to change life; life goes on; the music is left behind; that is what is left to talk about.” Greil Marcus, Lipstick Traces (1989)

I have seen Radiohead live over 100 times since I first discovered them in 1993. Along the way I’ve kept diaries, press cuttings, set lists and photos documenting my adventures. It has been suggested that this story should be a book, and eventually that’s what I would like it to be.

This story is as much about me and about being a fan as it is about Radiohead. We’ve all changed a lot over time, and the way that we access music has altered radically. I hope that this project will capture what it was like to be a music fan before the internet took over and before Radiohead themselves had a hand in finishing off the old style music industry as we knew it.

Opinions and views are all mine and a few names get changed along the way to protect certain people from embarrassment…

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